"In the simplest things there is complexity"
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I am a 24 year old Digital Artist with a BA Hons degree in Digital Arts. I am familiar with a range of graphic design, animation and after effects software. I am passionate about movies, especially thrillers, sci fis and dramas as well as board and strategy video games.

I enjoy challenges, setting up goals and working towards the outcomes. I work well in a team, and am disciplined and motivated to complete a job, always  to the best of my ability as I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  .

I see life as a journey, any adversity I may have encountered has added to my experience. I look at adaptation – to circumstances, to situations, to client demands – as part of important experience. My projects and story lines are aimed to make my viewers think, make them see a little outside the box, and to allow for open interpretation. I make no judgements, but try to encourage my viewers to make up their own minds about my creations.

I am hardworking